One of the most dreamed of destinations, every corner of the country is filled with cultural, culinary, and every other kind of delight. From the fabled Riviera and colorful Provence to luminous Paris and everything in between, there is no comparison to France, for each region has its own finesse and indescribable uniqueness characterized by a certain je ne sais quoi?

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Just mentioning Paris is enough to conjure images romantic cafes lining breezy boulevards, and artisan shops filled with the finest cheeses, chocolates, or wines, some of the world’s most lauded landmarks: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, and many other magnificent monuments. Stroll along the blissful avenue Champs-Elysées, where you will find elegant shopping, exquisite restaurants, splendid cafes, and extraordinary entertainment. Unmask the haunting mystery behind the Mona Lisa’s smile and the captivating beauty of Venus de Milo in the Louvre Museum. It is no wonder that elegant Paris, famous for light and love, captures the hearts of all its visitors.


Provence is well known for its flourishing fields of lavender and its soothing aromas. Sites include St. Remy de Provence, a former retreat for Vincent Van Gogh, and the Cathedrale Notre-Dame des Doms in Avignon; the Château d’If, the island that Alexandre Dumas used as a setting for his novel, The Count of Monte Cristo; and Marseilles, a medieval village with a 2,600-year-old port and wonderful seafood.

The French Riviera

The French Riviera, located along the southern coast of France, is one of the most glamorous locations in the world. Nice is popular destination for couples, honeymooners, and sun-worshipers; and has rich shopping, splendid dining, and art-deco façades. Cannes, famous for the Cannes International Film Festival (Le Festival de Cannes), is a haven to those seeking fun in the sun on the French Riviera and a lively nightlife.

Normandy & Loire Valley

Deauville, Normandy is a thriving vacation spot known for luxury hotels, casinos, race tracks, golf courses polo grounds, wide sandy beaches, and the Deauville Festival of American Film. A few miles north of Deauville is the picturesque city of Honfleur, which has been painted by numerous impressionists.

The historic D-Day grounds feature open-air museums, memorial tributes, and eight routes that bring the events of World War II leading to the June 6, 1944 liberation of northwest Europe back to life.

Throughout the Loire Valley is where you’ll discover lush, rolling countryside that enchanted kings and nobles for centuries. In this realm of romance and mystery are many cathedrals, museums and magnificent royal chateaux.


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