Meet our lucky Costa Rica Honeymoon Contest Winners Kylee and Travis

Meet our lucky Costa Rica Honeymoon Contest Winners Kylee and Travis

Meet our lucky Costa Rica Honeymoon Contest Winners Kylee and Travis

Congratulations to Our Lucky ” Costa Rica Honeymoon Giveaway” Winners Kylee Kaiser, and her fiancee Travis Cameron of  Pasco, Washington.

“I’m so thrilled to have won this contest!!”  Is what Kylee Kaiser said after letting her know she was chosen as our “Costa Rica Honeymoon Giveaway” winner.

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Kylee and Travis will be getting married on October, 11th 2014

Their Story

Travis and I have known each other since middle school. After middle school, we both moved onto the same high school and graduated together in a class of 18 students. Although we were good friends in high school, dating was never considered. We went different directions and moved onto colleges in different states, but would connect when we both ended up back in town at the same time.

Fast forward 7 years: Travis was visiting Seattle where I was living at the time, so we made a plan to get together. We ended up spending the whole weekend together, and made plans to meet back up when I returned home. After staying in close contact for a few months and traveling to visit each other, we both agreed it was time to make our relationship official. Soon after we started dating, we found out we were expecting a sweet bundle of joy! In August 2012 our family grew, and we welcomed our daughter Addyson.
Around the time Addyson was born Travis and I started discussing marriage, and he said that we would be engaged by the time our daughter turned one. I reminded him often of the countdown, so as you can imagine when her birthday came and went I was a bit disgruntled!


The following weekend we had a trip planned to Seattle, and it just so happened to be the anniversary of us reconnecting 2 years prior. We made plans to go to the Ballard market on Sunday and enjoy the day visiting some of our favorite places. One of our first dates was when I took Travis to the Ballard Locks. Knowing that he loves boats, I knew he’d enjoy watching them pass through the dam. We enjoy dreaming about owning our own sailboat one day, and if he gets it his way we’ll sail to Hawaii, but I’m not sold on the idea quite yet! Anyhow, we’ve made it a tradition to visit the locks when we’re in town. Just like every other time, we laid out a blanket and played with Addyson in the grass. We decided it was time to go and started heading to the car. I couldn’t figure out why he was walking so slowly behind me, then it all made sense when he said my name and I turned around to him down on one knee with our sweet girl propped on his other. I was in a bit of shock, so my response was, “is this real? Are you for real?!” Turns out it was real, and we are so excited to take this next step forward.

We are planning for a wedding in October 2014. We’ve found the venue and the dress has been picked out, so all that’s left is planning the celebration! We look forward to sharing this day with our family and close friends!

All of us here at WedAlert wish Kaylee and Travis a warm congratulations on winning our “Costa Rica Honeymoon Giveaway” and hope that they have a long and happy future together!


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