Meet our lucky Caribbean Honeymoon Contest Winners Mace and Ben

Meet our lucky Caribbean Honeymoon Contest Winners Mace and Ben

WedAlert! Meet our lucky Caribbean Honeymoon Contest Winners Mace and Ben.

Congratulations to Our Lucky “Caribbean Honeymoon Giveaway” Winners Mace Haycock, and her fiancee Benjamin Lewis Camp of  Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Thank you! I cannot believe that we won”  Is what Mace Haycock said after letting her know she was chosen as our “Caribbean Honeymoon Giveaway” winner. Mace and Benjamin have the choice of  one of four Resorts, Occidental Royal Hideaway Playacar, MexicoAruba at Occidental Grand, ArubaOccidental El Embajador, Dominican Republic, and Occidental Allegro Papagayo - All Inclusive, Costa Rica

Mace and Ben will be getting married on August, 17th 2013

WedAlert! Mace Haycock - Honeymoon in Caribbean Contest Winner July 31 2013

Top 50 Reasons Why Mace said YES!

1.   He has a solid testimony “this list is not in any particular order, but I HAD to list this one very first, because it is the single most important and attractive thing I could have hoped for in my future husband”
2. He’s a smartie
3.  Lowell and Barbara Camp are so sweet and in love I can barely stand it ;)
4.  He can sing me Spanish love songs
5.  He is an exercise addict
6.       He motivates me to always do and be my best
7.       He’s so mature (*cough cough* older)
8.       He’s athletically talented
9. He’s my favorite story-teller
10.   And really really hot
11.   He’s super muscular
12.   And tall
13. We like the same kinds of music-
14.   He’s responsible
15.   We enjoy some friendly-competition every once in a while, even though I pretty much always win everything in the end anyway ;)
16.   I love ALL of his family
17.   I love ALL of his friends
18.   We have a mutual love for SoCal and the beach
19.   He is personable
20.   And confident
21.   He’s friendly .. even to strangers
22.   I never ever ever have to open my own door
23.   We have a super-healthy relationship
24.   and great communication
25.   He is decisive
WedAlert! Mace Haycock - Honeymoon in Caribbean Contest Winner July 31 2013

Mace and Ben’s Engagement

Written by Mace Haycock

Who: Benjamin Lewis Camp
What: The most beautiful, secretive, detailed, sparkly, floral, surprising, sunny, sweet, wonderful proposal in the whole wide world :)
Where: Thanksgiving Point Gardens
When: Thursday, April 25, 2013 (during the Tulip Festival at the Gardens)

How: I’ll start out by saying I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE SURPRISED! I had absolutely no idea this was coming and here’s why: I was positive that Ben would not have asked for my hand in marriage without first talking to my dad and getting his permission… That being said, Ben went on a business trip with Response to the Buying Summit in Las Vegas two weeks ago-. He flew there with management, had a packed schedule, texted me consistently what he was “doing”, AND I knew my dad was supposed to be in Reno that weekend anyway. So little did I know, my mom picked Ben up at the Venetian for a two-hour lunch break to meet my dad right as he was getting in from Reno. After a slightly intimidating, but mostly sentimental conversation, my dad gave Ben his blessing and my mom cried tears of joy that he “passed the test”.

Ben proceeded to tell me a handful of little white lies for the next two weeks and I continued to drop hints about NOT wanting a short engagement. My stress level was rising every day we hadn’t planned a trip to Vegas and the whole time Ben was just laughing to himself I’m sure. On Monday, April 22, Ben told me that he was going to take me on a surprise date in Salt Lake that coming Thursday. He told me it was going to be a relaxing, fun, celebration that finals were over, but I knew he really wanted to do something sweet just so I wouldn’t be mad that he was going on a 7-day cruise with three other attractive, SINGLE, guys two days later. ;) He told me that he didn’t want to give it away, but that I might want to dress up a little bit, because we were going to some kind of concert, or show or something. (He also convinced Lauren to do my eyelashes before she left for Vegas on Wednesday without me knowing somehow.)

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All of us here at WedAlert wish Mace and Ben a warm congratulations on winning our “Caribbean Honeymoon Giveaway” and hope that they have a long and happy future together!


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