Meet Our Lucky California Dreaming Honeymoon Giveaway Winners Kenya and Byron

Meet Our Lucky California Dreaming Honeymoon Giveaway Winners Kenya and Byron

Congratulations to Our Lucky “California Dreaming” Honeymoon Giveaway Winners Kenya and Byron of Brooklyn, New York

“Thank you so much! We are so excited to be the winners of this fabulous giveaway! I can’t begin to express how much this means to us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

After speaking with Kenya who was very excited to hear that she was our “California Dreaming” Honeymoon winner. She informed me that they still have a lot of planning to do for their July 2013 wedding.

7 years ago Kenya was listening to a NYC radio station when she heard that singer Babyface was going to perform at an after-work event so Kenya and  her friend decided to attend. While they were waiting on line at the venue Kenya saw this guy (Bryon) talking to the security guard. They made eye contact and smiled at each other. A few minutes later, Bryon approached us, introduced himself, and said he worked for the radio station and if they needed anything to let him know. While he was talking to us both, all she could think about was he is so cute. Later that night, they bumped into Byron again and after whining that they didn’t find a seat and they didn’t get to eat at the buffet Byron gave Kenya his number so that we can attend another event. After playing phone tag for a week, we finally went out on our 1st date and been together since.

Kenya and Byron’s Engagement

Kenya and Bryon got engaged on the top deck of a Carnival cruise to Cozumel. Byron’s parents were also on the cruise with them. They were all on the miniature golf course when Byron asked her to look down into the hole. She saw a velvet box and was wondering what it was. Kenya was clueless to what was going on and didn’t see it coming. Byron picked up the box, went down on his knees and Kenya screamed WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE!! (Turning to his parents) What’s going on?! Everyone was laughing at this point. Then Byron said, “Will you marry me?” Kenya said yes and I looked at the ring & said, “OMG Is it real!? Are we engaged!? We’re getting married!? Then I started jumping up & down and began to cry.

Kenya and Byron have decided to have a small intimate destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas on July 20, 2013, and they are are in the beginning stages of their planning and they can’t wait to get the party started.

We wish Kenya and Byron a warm congratulations on winning our “California Dreaming” Honeymoon Giveaway and we wish them a long and happy future together!